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Wylde Swan

Wylde Swan’s story

The hull of Wylde Swan started life as a 'herring hunter' in the 1920's, working off the Shetland Islands – a ship built for speed, ferrying the fresh catch from fishing grounds to the markets ashore. The Jemo, as she was originaly called, was originally built by HDW in Kiel. The ship was decommissioned sometime in the late 20th century and had changed ownership several times before Willem Slighting saw in her underwater ship the makings of a fast sailing ship.

Her sleek underwater hull is now part of a rugged sailing ship, reminiscent of the large schooner yachts of the 1900 era. She was relaunched in June 2010 as world's largest two mast topsail schooner, with worldwide certification as a sail training vessel.

Wylde Swan combines the majesty and tactics of the largest tall ships with the sailing characteristics and raw excitement normally only found on much smaller yachts. At sea Wylde Swan offers sail training and teambuilding to people of all ages. In port Wylde Swan transforms into a handsome location for corporate hospitality.

General information:

Length over all       62 m

Certification            world wide

Trainees       36 persons

Day trips      120 persons

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Other services

Racing Charters

Instruction Available

Fully Catered

Crew/Hostess on Board

Outboard Motors



Useful Information

No of Guest Cabins
28 bunks
Nearest airport
Activity Offered
7 Days Isles Trip, Scrabster, Orkney, Ullapool
Activity Offered 2
4 Days Isles Trip 1, Ullapool, St. Kilda
Activity Offered 3
4 Days Isles Trip 2, Ullapool, St. Kilda