Weather & Tides


The Scottish weather is often a topic of conversation – rumour has it that you can experience all four seasons in the same day, and that if you do not like the weather in the morning you only have to await the afternoon for it to improve. This is because Scotland has a temperate maritime climate in which the weather is dominated by the moderating influence of both the Gulf Stream and the North Sea.

These combine to ensure that during the winter months the weather is much milder than that which is experienced by countries on a similar latitude such as Labrador in Canada (where the sea freezes over in winter) whilst summer months are a little cooler than continental areas. Despite this variability there are distinct seasonal variations and trends in the weather, and this feature attempts to summarise these from a sailing perspective.

The following pages will provide some useful insight into Scotland's weather and tides. You will also find live weather and tide information in the listings for each member business, allowing you to plan your trip.

Below you’ll find links to up-to-date information, giving a synopsis of conditions at sea, inshore, in general and also information related to tide times.