Planning Your Trip

There are a whole range of things to think about when planning your trip to Sail Scotland.

No voyage, regardless of length or tehnical difficulty, should be undertaken without proper planning, and this website provides lots of useful information to help you prepare before setting off.
The site, along with the Sail Scotland brochure, will introduce you to the key cruising areas and canals in Scotland. The following pages will also provide you with some insight into the different ways you can choose to Sail Scotland. Whether you choose to do it under sail or motoring, with your own boat or with one of our many charters, you will find that our members will be happy to assist in making sure your trip is memorable for all the right reasons!

The following pages will also give you some key information to help you planning your travel to Scotland, and some insight about what you can expect from the weather and tides.

You will find that our online map and distance calculator are useful tools, but of course we recommend that you use these only as a rough guide. Proper charts and navigational tools are essential for safe passage planning.