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Bessie Ellen

Bessie Ellen is one of the last traditional trading westcountry ketches and offers sailing holidays in Scotland, Cornwall and the Canaries. Our crew are committed to giving guests an authentic experience of cruising under sail and sharing their passion for heritage. 

Explore and experience the Western Isles of Scotland under sail. Where else in Europe does a sailing holiday offer so much, right here on our doorstep? With seas sheltered by the Outer Hebridean Islands, your ocean adventure will carry you on a voyage of discovery, exploring remote islands, secluded lochs and dark mountains shielding you from a more hurried modern world.

Our sailing holidays and cruises are designed by you and for you and, whether your've never been on a sailing ship before or if you have sailed all your life, we guarantee that you will leave with unforgettable memories. A voyage on Bessie Ellen also promises the learning of new skills, as we take you on adventures exploring some of the most remote coastlines and islands around Europe, and beyond.

All voyages are fully catered as we know that a day in the fresh air leads to hungry sailors! Guests will be treated to homemade meals, cooked using ethically sourced ingredients before whiling the night away with newfound friends. Afternoon tea and cake is also a regular occurence. 

Scotland is teeming with wildlife and is understandably, one of skipper Nikki Alford's favourite sailing grounds, she explains, “Nothing gives me more pleasure than leaving the North Channel astern, and in front, great mountains and islands rise up from a silver sea just waiting to be explored. The diversity of wildlife and the islands’ ancient histories mixed with extraordinary geology highlighted by ever changing skies make each day just gloriously magical."

So, if you’re looking for your perfect getaway, with a bit of adventure thrown in, then a sailing holiday on Bessie Ellen ticks all the boxes. As a recent freelance journalist for the Observer confirms, “I’ve never sailed before, but if this is sailing, then I’m addicted. So, it seems, is everyone else: 85% of the Bessie Ellen’s guests return for further sailing adventures.”

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