Scotland’s Secret Sands

Date published: 02 July 2019

From sparkling white shores that look as if they’ve been imported from the Caribbean to cobalt coasts flanked by soaring summits, Scotland’s beaches are among the best in the world.

While some of our beaches are known to sand-seekers all over the globe, there’s more than a few that have escaped the attentions of the wider world. Gather round, listen close, and let us clue you in on the location of some of Scotland’s secret sands!

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Redpoint North Beach


Secluded, unspoiled and utterly unforgettable, you’ll rarely see big crowds treading the scarlet sands of the aptly-named Redpoint even in the height of summer. Spectacular views of Skye, safe swimming beaches and a remarkable skyline of multi-peaked mountain pinnacles await those willing to go against the grain and set sail for adventure.

Singing Sands Beach (Camas an Lighe)


A musical name supported by scenery that’s a symphony of soaring trees, golden sand, and clear blue sea, Camas an Lighe is one of the Ardnamurchan peninsula’s hidden gems. The ‘singing’ is caused by wind blowing over the surface of the beach or by the shuffle of feet or boots through the sand. Despite the stunning landscape, this is a beach with a war-torn past – it was used for commando training during the WWII and could contain unexploded munitions… Watch your step!

(c) Ian Lavender

Claigan Coral Beach


From the Old Man of Storr to the Quiraing, Skye is home to some of Scotland’s most iconic landscapes – but Claigan Coral Beach has a charm all of its own. Known locally as a ‘wee gem’, the beach is made of fossilised and sun-bleached algae, with its burning white sands buffeted by the vibrant green of the fields and the deep blue of the sea that flanks it. Sail beyond the usual sights of Skye and sink your toes into some of Scotland’s most unique sands!

Elie Beach


Strung like a golden chain between the villages of Elie and Earlsferry in the Kingdom of Fife, Elie Earlsferry Beach and its adjacent Harbour Beach offer almost a mile of uninterrupted sand flanked by cool coffee bars, traditional pubs and more than a few fine fish and chip shops. Far less bustling than some of its more famous Scottish brethren, an adventure to Elie (and its obligatory fish supper) is a treat you need to discover. And be sure to keep an eye out for the ever-popular cricket game that often breaks out on the sands!

Scarista Beach


Just a stone’s skim from its more famous cousin Luskentyre Beach, Scarista is home to the sands and seas conjured up by your unwaking mind. With almost infinite hues of blue sea relentlessly sweeping across its golden sands, eagles soaring overhead and seals soaking up rays, it’s one of the most spectacular wild swimming spots on the planet. This is the very definition of #MustSeaScotland!

Ceannabeinne Beach


Set in the shadow of the mighty mountain of Beinn Ceannabeinne, Ceannabeinne Beach offers secluded sands and spellbinding views over to the nature reserve island of Eilean Hoan. That said, there is something epically eerie about Ceannabeinne – which might be explained by its former title of ‘Traigh Alt Chailgeag’ or ‘The Beach of the Burn of Bereavement and Death’ from the tale of a drowned woman who washed up on the shore. Are you brave enough to set sail for its sands?

Has Ceannabeinne’s tale whetted your appetite for some spooky sailing? Check out our guide to some of Scotland’s most haunted places!

Calgary Beach


Small but spectacular, there’s no better spot in Scotland for a spot of sand-sat stargazing than Mull’s Calgary Beach. With its white sands flanked by rolling green fields and uninterrupted views of Coll and Tiree, this tiny beach offers big skies and blue water to enjoy day and night. The name comes from the Gaelic ‘Cala Ghearraidh,’ which translates as ‘the meadow beside the bay.’ A bonny name for a bonny beach.

Sanna Bay

Ardnamurchan, West Coast

Set on mainland Britain’s most westerly point on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, Sanna Bay offers magnificent scenery, rolling sands plucked straight from a picture postcard and breathtaking views of the Small Isles. Even dolphins seem taken by its spectacular landscapes and can often be found frolicking in its azure waters.

(c) Moonshadow Yacht Charter

Sandwood Bay

Kinlochbervie, Sutherland

Often called the most beautiful beach in Britain, Sandwood Bay is a striking stretch of pink sand flanked by colossal cliffs and backed by the large dunes of Sandwood Loch. Unreachable by road, it’s also known as Britain’s most remote beach. Standing alone on its dunes, admiring the haunting beauty of the sea stack of Am Buachaille (“the shepherd”) as it stands its ground against the might of the Atlantic Ocean is an unforgettable experience. One of the many reasons you simply #MustSeaScotland!