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Small Isles - 5 Great things

 The Small isles are a small archipelago in the Inner Hebrides, off the West Coast of Scotland. The four main islands are Canna, Eigg, Muck and Rùm. 


The Singing Sands


The main settlement on Eigg is Cleadale. It is known for its quartz beach that is called the “singing sands” due to the squeaking sounds that it makes if walked on when it’s dry.


Kinloch Castle


Kinloch Castle is a late Victorian mansion located on the Isle of Rum. Built by Sir George Bullough in 1900 as luxury retreat it has since declined is currently owned by Scottish Natural heritage. Learn more


Horse Island


This small island is only accessible on the lowest of tides and is home to a variety of nesting seabirds including puffins. The maritime grassland is rich in plant species especially those that tolerate salt spray which cover the island during storms. 


Canna House


Canna is often referred to as the ‘the garden of the Hebrides’, it has been a continuous settlement for over 9000 years. Canna House reflects this with one of the largest and most extensive Gaelic library which was curated by its previous owners. Find out more



Kilmory Bay (on Isle of Rum)



On a sunny day, on might mistake Kilmory’s wide and blond sand strip for the Bahamas but with a much more spectacular backdrop of the Cullins. This beach was a top favourite of Queen Elisabeth II, who often landed here for a picnic when she holidayed aboard Britannia.


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