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Scotland - 5 great things

With so many great things to see and do in Scotland, there really is something to please everyone no matter what their interests. But if we at Sail Scotland were made to choose our top five then these would be it:


Sailing Scotland  
Top 5 Things Scotland IMG4 Sailing Scotland’s coasts is a truly magical experience and there is no other way quite like it to explore this magnificent country: you can choose, adapt and change where you are sailing and with so many marinas, harbours and pontoons around our coast, giving you the reassurance that there is always somewhere to berth.
Visit Castles  
Top 5 Things Scotland IMG5 Scotland has a huge historic backdrop stemming from the era of the Vikings, Lords of the Isles to the Jacobite’s. They have all left visible reminders of their presence on Scotland’s land. Of such there is nothing more visible than our castles that are set on strategic points around Scotland. Each one has its own stories contributing to the charm of these amazing structures.
Eating and Drinking  
Top 5 Things Scotland IMG2 Looking for something to eat or just for a little drink? There are literally thousands of different establishments across Scotland waiting to serve you. With so many different cuisines on offer and the use of local fresh produce it is hard to beat dinning out in Scotland. Another great thing of travelling around this country is meeting the locals; most of them are over friendly and love to share a story over a drink.
Ceilidh Dancing  
Top 5 Things Scotland IMG1 Whether you prefer a slow waltz, to do-si-do, or perhaps a faster paced strip the willow, Scottish dancing is always a night to remember! Even if you don’t know the dances, get up on the floor and try it! Though it is recommended not to stand on your partners toes…
Exploring The Outdoors  
Top 5 Things Scotland IMG3 Let’s face it one of Scotland’s biggest attractions is the large area of unspoilt natural scenery. Hence it’s great to get out and explore it, discovering new places and taking some great pictures to show off for when your back home. With so many paths (be it mountain, forest or coastal), everyone has the opportunity to easily explore Scotland by sailing, the power of one’s feet or by bicycle.