BBQ Mackerel
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Being part of an island, Scotland has a huge amount of coast line. In fact our combined coast is one of the largest of any European country! So it comes as no surprise that one of our oldest and largest industries is fishing.

Fishing was important to the earliest of settlers in Scotland around 7000BC, over time it has developed from a subsistence form to being a major contributor to the Scottish economy.

Mallaig Fishing Boat

As one sails around Scotland’s coast there will always be signs of our fishing heritage, whether you are berthing at one of the many local villages or towns with harbours such as Mallaig (which used to be a major herring port – the Mallaig Extension Railway line was purposely built to transport the herring to London) or sailing past numerous fishing vessels which sail our seas.

There is no denying that sailing in Scotland is unique and amazing, there are few other places that offer the same sailing experience as well as the opportunity to set anchor in some of the remotest idyllic places and catch your own seafood platter!

Whilst it may not be recommended to fly-fish off of a sailing boat – for obvious reasons... There are numerous cheap and affordable pieces of equipment than can be used to catch your dinner:

-          A hand line can be used to catch mackerel and crabs.

-          A foldable creel can be used to catch lobsters, crabs and langoustines.

-          A telescopic rod can be used with a weight to catch mackerel and if one’s lucky a bass or even a salmon!


Once you have made your catch there are literally thousands of dishes you can make.


Also remember that if fishing is something you don’t enjoy, you can always purchase fresh fish from local fish mongers or stop off at one of the many excellent restaurants that are dotted around our coast.

Images by Jeremy Keith & Amanda Slater